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Emotional hangover🙈

Ok so I had a little drink last night and it was a good night and i didn’t text or even think of my ex !
Today I woke up and almost immediately text him “I miss you” 🙈 Why ? Well according to several results on Google i am just experiencing a emotional hangover and the feeling will pass, so what to do ? Well exercise of course lol because i have my goal to get my revenge body and i am not going to let my self down
Time to refocus…
I think maybe i am going to avoid alcohol right now as i don’t want anything to play with my emotions… Well i have been searching youtube for easy exercise videos and i found one for a hangover and that’s what i am going to do right now ! I have posted the link in the comment sections below ..Well i am getting closer to my goal. Tiny steps but i am moving forward!



Letting go of the bullsh*t .

I think when your going through a breakup you need something to focus on. This blog, working out and my plan to fix up is helping me move on and let go. If i wasn’t blogging and working out I know I’d be sending stupid texts then getting my self in a mess because i wouldn’t get the answers i wanted. Communication through text with my ex is just stupid anyway it’s just one big circle. Ive finally stopped it! I honestly feel better about things allready, i am sticking to my exercise and even going to step it up  a bit and get a person trainer . My goal is to get the body I have always wanted and to be more confident than I have ever been and most of all to let go of all the bullshit. 

Getting there finally x 


Fighting the January blues.

  So I woke up today and my mood was really low . A coffee and some medication later and I still wasn’t feeling much better.
Normally I would climb back into bed or just about get through the day , but i won’t get that revenge body doing that. I am determined to beat the negativity! So i searched for natural ways to lift my mood in the morning and throughout the day. Obviously i can’t go through every result lol so I have narrowed it down to ones i have tried and the ones i will be trying .
If your feeling them blues today then just try one and see if it can lift your mood even if it’s just a little it’s worth it, your worth it!

Here are some natural ways of lifting your mood:

1.Exercise !
Even if it’s a mini workout. Exercise has so many benefits not only for your body but mind. A workout in the morning or whenever you get the time will boosts levels of the feel-good “love” hormone oxytocin and actually decreases levels of stress hormones – Plus exercise is free and you can do as much or as little as you want. Start your morning by doing some nice long stretches and go from there, it won’t be long until you start seeing results and you will be a step closer to having that revenge body and that sky high self esteem.

2. Have some eggs for breakfast.
Thanks to a wide range of mood-lifting nutrients, eggs are a great way to lift your mood. One of the few naturally occurring food sources of vitamin D (low levels of which are linked with a range of mood disorders and an increased risk of depression) eggs also contain vitamin B12, a neurotransmitter vital for regulating mood and memory. Try some poached eggs on a bed of spinach ! If your not a fan of eggs eat some fresh fruit with some natural yoghurt for a mood boost.

3. Have a coffee(cut out the sugar)
Not only is coffee loaded with Nutrients and Antioxidants but scientists have even discovered that caffeine can improve mood, reaction time, memory, vigilance and general cognitive function. If you not a fan of coffee try some black tea just cut back on adding sugar to either as you don’t want a sugar crash that lowers your mood.

4. Drop some essential oils in your bath.

They are not called essential oils for nothing! The health benefits of using essential oils are endless . I will be dedicating a whole post to them very soon. However today I am just going to recommend adding a few drops of the oil bergamot into your bath in the morning or if showering then mix a couple of drops with some natural soap. Mobile-friendly – The benefits of bergamot include relaxation and uplifting.
In the night add a few drops of pure Lavender oil to your bath to help you relax and sleep.

5. Just get outside!
Whether you go for a long or brief walk the mixture of sunshine, fresh air and green space naturally boosts your mood. If you can’t get outside open some windows and let some fresh air in.

These things may seem obvious to some but if your feeling blue or suffer with low moods then even the simplest things can feel like hard work.

Give it a try.. A healthy mind will get you a step closer to having the body and lifestyle you deserve.


You know how they say “out of sight out of mind”  , Well when you have kids with someone it’s not that easy, Your going to see them regularly. Well today was one of them days as my ex had to pick up our son . I wasn’t even that interested tbh and I acted really reserved , just a quick hi/bye kind of thing .

Anyway I stuck to my plan of not sending useless texts or trying to contact him. Every time I had the urge to i distracted my self by doing something that’s going to benefit me and my household.

 Here’s what I did …

Mini work outs( lots of squats)

Phoned my friends 

Planned and cooked healthy meals

Rearranged my bedroom 

Looked for a new job 


I do finally feel good like owning this breakup and beating my depression like a boss . 🙅


Don’t text ! Squat 👙

So i have been tempted to contact my ex this morning , I suppose it’s just habit really. Anyway I did a mini work out instead and phoned my sister to come over for a healthy breakfast , poached egg on a bed of spinach with a coffee. The positive thing is I do eat better when i am single. I think it’s easier to stick to a healthy diet when your on your own. No more pizza, well not so much anyway lol
This blog is already helping me a lot as i am a textaholic lol So from now on every time i feel like contacting him i am going to distract my self and drop some squats and no doubt i will have a perfect bum in a few days lol

My mini work out..

Warmed up by doing some stretches.

30 x squats

20 x sit ups

20 x leg kicks

2 min plank

Finished off with more stretches.

See i did say mini workout lol…xxx

So it begins….

After a horrible break up(yesterday) from a car crash relationship i have decided instead of sinking into deeper depression i am in fact going to get my revenge body👙👠💄
Also instead of sending angry, desperate and useless texts i am going to blog instead…
I want to get back to the happy, fun and sexy girl i used to be and kick this depressing dull looking me to the curb !
Nearly five years in a shitty relationship has destroyed my self esteem and my motivation.
I need to run off those arguments and work out all them nasty names.
When my confidence grows and hopefully my readers🙋 I will start uploading videos on YouTube too.
I want to put 100% into this and no matter how hard my days get or how much i am tempted to call HIM i aim to just work out or blog instead.
I will be that hot ex haha but not just that i need to step up for my own self esteem and health and everything else will fall into place…
Wish me luck
Sammie xxx