Emotional hangover🙈

Ok so I had a little drink last night and it was a good night and i didn’t text or even think of my ex !
Today I woke up and almost immediately text him “I miss you” 🙈 Why ? Well according to several results on Google i am just experiencing a emotional hangover and the feeling will pass, so what to do ? Well exercise of course lol because i have my goal to get my revenge body and i am not going to let my self down
Time to refocus…
I think maybe i am going to avoid alcohol right now as i don’t want anything to play with my emotions… Well i have been searching youtube for easy exercise videos and i found one for a hangover and that’s what i am going to do right now ! I have posted the link in the comment sections below ..Well i am getting closer to my goal. Tiny steps but i am moving forward!



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