Fighting the January blues.

  So I woke up today and my mood was really low . A coffee and some medication later and I still wasn’t feeling much better.
Normally I would climb back into bed or just about get through the day , but i won’t get that revenge body doing that. I am determined to beat the negativity! So i searched for natural ways to lift my mood in the morning and throughout the day. Obviously i can’t go through every result lol so I have narrowed it down to ones i have tried and the ones i will be trying .
If your feeling them blues today then just try one and see if it can lift your mood even if it’s just a little it’s worth it, your worth it!

Here are some natural ways of lifting your mood:

1.Exercise !
Even if it’s a mini workout. Exercise has so many benefits not only for your body but mind. A workout in the morning or whenever you get the time will boosts levels of the feel-good “love” hormone oxytocin and actually decreases levels of stress hormones – Plus exercise is free and you can do as much or as little as you want. Start your morning by doing some nice long stretches and go from there, it won’t be long until you start seeing results and you will be a step closer to having that revenge body and that sky high self esteem.

2. Have some eggs for breakfast.
Thanks to a wide range of mood-lifting nutrients, eggs are a great way to lift your mood. One of the few naturally occurring food sources of vitamin D (low levels of which are linked with a range of mood disorders and an increased risk of depression) eggs also contain vitamin B12, a neurotransmitter vital for regulating mood and memory. Try some poached eggs on a bed of spinach ! If your not a fan of eggs eat some fresh fruit with some natural yoghurt for a mood boost.

3. Have a coffee(cut out the sugar)
Not only is coffee loaded with Nutrients and Antioxidants but scientists have even discovered that caffeine can improve mood, reaction time, memory, vigilance and general cognitive function. If you not a fan of coffee try some black tea just cut back on adding sugar to either as you don’t want a sugar crash that lowers your mood.

4. Drop some essential oils in your bath.

They are not called essential oils for nothing! The health benefits of using essential oils are endless . I will be dedicating a whole post to them very soon. However today I am just going to recommend adding a few drops of the oil bergamot into your bath in the morning or if showering then mix a couple of drops with some natural soap. Mobile-friendly – The benefits of bergamot include relaxation and uplifting.
In the night add a few drops of pure Lavender oil to your bath to help you relax and sleep.

5. Just get outside!
Whether you go for a long or brief walk the mixture of sunshine, fresh air and green space naturally boosts your mood. If you can’t get outside open some windows and let some fresh air in.

These things may seem obvious to some but if your feeling blue or suffer with low moods then even the simplest things can feel like hard work.

Give it a try.. A healthy mind will get you a step closer to having the body and lifestyle you deserve.


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