Don’t text ! Squat 👙

So i have been tempted to contact my ex this morning , I suppose it’s just habit really. Anyway I did a mini work out instead and phoned my sister to come over for a healthy breakfast , poached egg on a bed of spinach with a coffee. The positive thing is I do eat better when i am single. I think it’s easier to stick to a healthy diet when your on your own. No more pizza, well not so much anyway lol
This blog is already helping me a lot as i am a textaholic lol So from now on every time i feel like contacting him i am going to distract my self and drop some squats and no doubt i will have a perfect bum in a few days lol

My mini work out..

Warmed up by doing some stretches.

30 x squats

20 x sit ups

20 x leg kicks

2 min plank

Finished off with more stretches.

See i did say mini workout lol…xxx


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