So it begins….

After a horrible break up(yesterday) from a car crash relationship i have decided instead of sinking into deeper depression i am in fact going to get my revenge body👙👠💄
Also instead of sending angry, desperate and useless texts i am going to blog instead…
I want to get back to the happy, fun and sexy girl i used to be and kick this depressing dull looking me to the curb !
Nearly five years in a shitty relationship has destroyed my self esteem and my motivation.
I need to run off those arguments and work out all them nasty names.
When my confidence grows and hopefully my readers🙋 I will start uploading videos on YouTube too.
I want to put 100% into this and no matter how hard my days get or how much i am tempted to call HIM i aim to just work out or blog instead.
I will be that hot ex haha but not just that i need to step up for my own self esteem and health and everything else will fall into place…
Wish me luck
Sammie xxx


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